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19 Jul 2017

Trancoolizard "Sunset Trip" 2017 Russia Psych Rock

Trancoolizard  "Sunset Trip" 2017 Russia Psych Rock


 Happy death - so in a nutshell you can describe this album of tourist cards. He descended to us from the underworld paradise. And full of the spirit of geographical discoveries. Where from the heavens man will show the creation. Jam of thoughts from yours flows down the wall that flies into the abyss. Behind her, only the stars and Nothing. A jerk through the darkness. And the petal ... Blows up the scene, sips the air and sees Szern. It alleys sails and a sheet of carved very yellow. And all mimosa was bald. And the poplar completely burned. And again, menacing crows croaked the ground under the window. Where before the garden with the grass grew beautiful. Ohm. 

Sunset trip 
And how it just happened, eh? While he is dancing the Jagu-jagu against the background of the darkened Sun with full awareness of his hopeless enlightenment, while the stars are dancing the dance of green lizards and I will tell you with some exaggeration that at that moment I was in no less interesting state. So why do we spend the energy of the sun forgetting everything in the world and giving ourselves to the carnal pleasures of a violent nature, which yesterday so long wanted tenderness and happiness ...? 

Fish's Gosts 
Militant scolopendras were left behind and coastal stones appeared under their feet. Pebbles swept by the waves for centuries. Wave after wave. The sun is baking. And the wind carries the pungent smell of rotting fish. They are sharp as needles thin white bones, piercing decaying skin, passing through the scales. Everywhere, from the horizon and to the very feet, inside, everywhere. Everything filled with dead fish and sea foam. Skeleton of a dolphin. And the snake that creeps into the night. Ships in the distance. The wave is rustling. And thunder through silence. And the wind is heard. As the clouds he carries. And the sea is warm wind. And the memory of the skeleton of the dolphin. And a snake. Fire fireplace and hot tea. Hookah and talk.

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..