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9 Jul 2017

Tranzam "Tranzam " 1974 Japan Psych Rock

Tranzam "Tranzam " 1974 Japan Psych Rock

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Tranzam started in 1974 with the ex-members of Flower Travelin Band & The Happenings Four. 
This 1st album is very rare (never released as CD) 
They formed this band to create original Japanese rock in Japanese language . 
But after releasing this 1st album, they faced the huge wall and some original members left this band,(only Chito Kawachi remained as the original member) 
But the band continued until 1981 and released a lot of hit pop singles.......

POKORA 6001ex Happenings Four+HIDEKI ISHIMA .HIDEKI ISHIMA is Tony Iommi of Japan or Sabath. Guitarist of legend. Because Happenings Four performs, becoming a good band :. 
Inevitability. In this record, the performance and the song are [bacchiri]. It is a board that completely backed up KAWACHI KUNI. Impregnable defenses. The sound of the electrification sitar and the organ of the organ is comfortable. "KIRIKYOGEN" VS This LP is Fair Level. ACID ROCK to made finished. it is possible to compare it with the masterpiece of the degreeRaregroove shall not be also effective. Because BEAT precisely drives it..............

Arranged By – Tranzam 
Bass – Tsugutoshi Goto 
Drums – Chito Kawachi 
Guitar – Hideki Ishima 
Keyboards – Nobuhiko Shinohara 
Vocals – Tome Kitagawa

A1 Introduction - It's Only Love 5:08 
A2 I Give Up 3:51 
A3 But Then I Don't 2:59 
A4 Dear Mr. Minomushi 3:24 
A5 Is There Nothing More 4:40 
B1 Consideration? 4:13 
B2 See Saw 3:49 
B3 Tranzam (Instrumental) - Sha La La Koppe 6:41 
B4 Hunch Back Of The Notre-Dame 3:38

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