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23 Jul 2017

Trinity "When Jesus Comes Again"1973 US Private Xian Psych Folk

Trinity "When Jesus Comes Again"1973 US Private Xian Psych Folk


A1 When Jesus Comes Again 3:40
A2 Here So Serene 3:25
A3 The Quiet Dude 2:05
A4 Eli 3:05
A5 Song Of The Sea 2:30
A6 Harvester's Song 2:50
B1 Come To Me 2:20
B2 The Fisherman 3:50
B3 Automobile Song 3:00
B4 Children Of Darkness 3:05
B5 Comin' Home 2:50
B6 Get Into Jesus 3:56
B7 The Lord's Prayer 2:10

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..