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2 Jul 2017

Virgo "Four Seasons" 1977 Germany Jazz Rock Fusion

Virgo "Four Seasons" 1977 Germany Jazz Rock Fusion


Darlowski had to deal with the departure of Bobby Stern and Lothar Scharf after Virgo's opening album, yet he immediately replaced them with an experienced Wilson de Oliveira on saxes and drummer Clemens Schuster, possibly the same person who provided the cello parts for Flute & Voice in early-70's.Virgo left Vertigo to meet the recording support of Bacillus Records and recorded their next album ''Four seasons'' in December 1976 at the Tonstudio Bauer in Ludwigsburg, while the album was released at the dawn of 1977.

Now, Virgo's sound was heavily relying on Darlowski's piano and the sax domination, this time of Wilson de Oliveira, playing an ethereal, almost melodic Jazz Rock, closer to Jazz than Rock, with easy-listening tunes but also plenty of impressive solos.Nothing to get excited about, still the music is nicely balanced and well-executed with shifts between fast paces and long, dreamy solos and more smooth offerings with a hypnotic, jazzy atmospherre, where solos are not absent either, yet delivered in a much more mellow manner.These got to be also the weakest parts of the album, because the most furious cuts are absolutely sufficient with both dramatic and joyful tunes and some incredible performances with the rhythm section kickin' asses.The long ''Sarah'' is the perfect example of Virgo's refined and efficiently executed Jazz Rock with some trully nice changes between the solists and monumental bass work by Reinhard Gloeder.

Pretty good Jazz Rock with a welcome diversity in atmospheres and some stunning individual executions.Recommended overall. .........

Henryk Darlowski - acoustic & electric piano synthesizer, string ensemble
Reinhard Glöder - acoustic & electric bass
Wilson de Oliveira - soprano & tenor saxophone synthesizer
Clemens Schuster - drums

001. Balloons (07:22)
002. Slow Post (04:22)
003. Henryk's Trick (05:29)
004. High Do (02:04)
005. Summer Dance (06:58)
006. Montserrat (04:33)
007. Sarah (07:58) 

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