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2 Aug 2017

Barış Manço & Kurtalan Ekspres “Yeni Bir Gün” 1979 Turkey Psych Folk Rock Anatolian Rock

Barış Manço & Kurtalan Ekspres “Yeni Bir Gün” 1979 Turkey Psych Folk Rock Anatolian Rock

The late 70s found Turkey in an economic slump, and there was a huge rise in political violence. Baris, who so often put out collections of singles, rose to the occasion by spending 6 months holed up with his longtime backing band the Kurtalan Ekspres. 
The result was this studio album of Anatolian bummer psychedelia, often unfairly overlooked because it came out in the rather un-cosmic year of 1979, but also considered his best work by many. Yep, there are still electrified versions of Turkish folk songs, and the spaceshot ARPs & Korgs of '2023' are here too, but don't expect a happy swing around the ceiling of a planetarium. 
The real star of the album is the keyboard player, whose name translates to ‘Sword Agent'. 'Yeni Bir Gun' is viciously funky & brilliantly arranged, with tidbits stolen out of the latest disco hits, & lean, mean synthesizers that emerge from the beats like carbonated bubbles. Melancholy maqams & catastrophic Korgs collide when the Turkish psych master glides unflinchingly into the grim late 70s!! 
First time ever reissue, this release comes in gorgeous gatefold cover as the original, has a repro of the original poster as well, and brings an extra insert with extensive linernotes..

What a diverse album by this Turkish music legend. You'll find psychedelia, progressive rock, pop oriented stuff, folk and even some funky sound from this disc. Yeni Bir Gün includes lots of enjoyable moments but also some minor fillers here and there. But the best parts are damn good and that's why this record deserves a listen from every prog rock and/or psych rock fan out there. 

While this LP can't reach the quality of Barış Manço's most famous record 2023 I like this one as well. Not a masterpiece but definitely an enjoyable anatolian rock album that's for

Rest In Peace! 
The sudden death of Baris Manço (Baris means “Peace” in Turkish), predominantly a renowned pop singer but also a journalist, TV producer and traveller, deeply affected the entire Turkish nation. 

No doubt, he will be remembered with great pride and wistfulness by all segments of Turkish society. 

It is not wrong to say that Manço did not alter his style, both in terms of his musical preferences and his stance as an artist, from the beginning of his career in the late 1950s. Despite that, he succeeded in always remaining one of the most beloved of public figures. But what made him become the focus of such great popularity and admiration for old and young? 

Baris Manço was among the first proponents of `ethnic-rock’, a musical genre which adheres to the synthesis of a rock beat with the harmonic structure of traditional Turkish folk music. From `Daglar Daglar’ to `Sari Çizmeli Mehmet Aga’ and `Gülpembe’, he demonstrated how Western and traditional elements in contemporary Turkish music could be combined and produced in such profusion. In this respect, he was surely before his time, an avant-garde composer and performer. Later on, pursuing his own path, he never yielded to the ephemeral demands of the popular music industry. 

However, this musical dynamism had always been backed by original lyrics. Baris Manço never concentrated on cheap love themes. Rather, he took his themes mostly from everyday life and the daily inter-relations between people, focusing heavily on the problems rooted in the major cultural transformation taking place in Turkey. No doubt, it was his frequent reference to the “loss of traditional human values” which made him a perfect ethical role-model in the eyes of the public. He always adopted a critical stance against the recent distortion of the cultural realm, reflected in a suppression of honesty, selfless love and solidarity in favour of possesive individualism. Therefore his music, as well as his private life, invoked a clear social message. 

Towards the mid-1980s, Manço intensified his efforts for the cultural improvement of the Turkish people. In this manner, he attached great importance to children and launched a TV show, called “7’den 77’ye” (7 to 77). In that series, he presented his journeys to almost every corner of the world with the aim of expanding the cultural and informative horizons of the Turkish people. In the “Adam Olacak Çocuk” (The Child Who Will Become a `Man’) segment of his show, he interviewed children every week and tried to imbue them with true virtues concerning mutual relations and self-care. Meanwhile, he served as a de facto “cultural ambassador” to the entire world, giving numerous concerts in Europe, America and the Far East. In turn, he was endowed the title of “state artist” in 1991. 

The `Manço philosophy’ was primarily a combination of Turkish human values and progressive modern civic norms. His unusual ultra-modern outer appearance (with his long black hair and downward-slanting moustache, supplemented by fur coats and gigantic rings) and his orderly private life in full compliance with the national cultural structure have never been perceived as being contradictory by his 65 million adherents. On the contrary, he lived his life as a unique expression of devotion to music and the Turkish people, in which he was extremely successful in clarifying its underlying motive: the creation of a modern Turkish nation following the path laid down by Atatürk. 

Rest in peace, Baris! You remain a role-model for every one of us with your diligence, modesty, ethical values, your love for the Republic and your faith in the Turkish people. Baris Manço Fan Club .

Barış Manço ve Kurtalan Ekspres 1976

A1 Sarı Çizmeli Mehmet Ağa 4:28 
A2 Gesi Bağları 4:11 
A3 Çoban Yıldızı 4:17 
A4 Bir Selam Sana Gönül Dağlarından 4:00 
A5 Ne Ola? Yar Ola 5:28 
B1 Aynalı Kemer Ince Bele 3:06 
B2 2024 5:05 
B3 Ikinci Yolculuk 3:08 
B4 Ham Meyvayı Kopardılar Dalından 4:09 
B5 Yeni Bir Gün Doğdu Merhaba 2:03 
B6 Anlıyorsun Değil Mi 2:08 
B7 Ne Köy Olur Benden Ne Kasaba 1:33 
B8 Elveda Ölüm 3:03 
B9 Bir Kelebeğin Yaşam Öyküsü 1:43 

Barış Manço & Kurtalan Ekspres 

1972 - Ölüm Allah'ın Emri / Gamzedeyim Deva Bulamam 
1973 - Lambaya Püf De! / Kalk Gidelim Küheylan 
1973 - Gönül Dağı / Hey Koca Topçu (Genç Osman) 
1974 - Nazar Eyle Nazar Eyle (Gel Yanıma Pazar Eyle) / Gülme Ha Gülme 
1974 - Bir Bahar Akşamı / Estergon Kalesi 
1975 - Ben Bilirim / 2023 
1976 - Çay Elinden Öteye (Rezil Dede) / Vur Ha Vur 
1977 - Nick The Chopper(George Hayes Orchestra ile) / Lonely Man 
1981 - Eğri Eğri Doğru Doğru Eğri Büğrü Ama Yine De Doğru / Hal Hal

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