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11 Aug 2017

Bernard Xolotl "Return of the Golden Mean" 1981 Cassete France -US Space,Electronic,New Age

Bernard Xolotl  "Return of the Golden Mean" 1981 Cassete  France -US Psych,Electronic,New Age



Hypnotic space music from French-American musician Bernard Xolotl. Return of the Golden Mean centers on echoing, shimmering guitar, with a backdrop of lush, drifting synthesizers. Comes highly recommended by the one and only..

All music composed and recorded 1979 - 1980. 
All music recorded real time with 4 track Teac 3440 only. There are no sequences on this tape. All notes played by hand.

Line-up / Musicians
Bernard Xolotl - Synthesizer, Main Performer
Cyrille Verdeaux - Synthesizer
Irene Gostnell - Violin
Jonathan Kramer - Cello

A1 Nearing The Gates Of Eleusis 
Violin – Irene Gostnell 
A2 Baroque Refuge 
Cello – Jonathan Kramer 
Violin – Irene Gostnell 
A3 Gypsy Crystal 5:40 
A4 Tornadove 8:26 
B1 Opalescence Blue 
Synthesizer – Cyrille Verdeaux 
B2 Descending Phases 4:10 
B3 Tides Of Exile 
Synthesizer – Cyrille Verdeaux 
B4 L'Eternel Retour 
Violin – Irene Gostnell 

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