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1 Aug 2017

Elonkorjuu "Scumbag" 2004 Finland Prog Blues Rock

 Elonkorjuu  "Scumbag"  2004 Finland Prog Blues Rock


In the autumn of 1969, the rock group Elonkorjuu ("Harvest") was formed in Pori (Finland). Its original composition was: Jukka Syrenius (vocal, guitar, flute, piano), Timo Hannukainen (rhythm guitar), Veli-Pekka Pessi (bass guitar) and Rainer Koski (drummer). A year after its formation, the quartet took second place in the national competition "1970 Finnish Rock Championship". It is reported that in this regard, the team soon got a contract with EMI (I did not understand just why the debut album was released on Parlophone). In the early 70's. The vocalist and guitarist Heikki Lajunen (also playing the piano) was recruited, and Einer Rantasila took the place of Rainer for the drum set. This is the version of the composition and recorded in 1972 in the studio "Finnvox" debut blues-rock album "Harvest Time", replicated under the contract with Optimal Media Production. But on the Discogs, Ilkka Poijärvi (guitar, organ, flute) is listed in the list of participants of the recording (on the page with information on the publication of 2011 on Shadoks Music), and Timo Hannukainen is not listed at all. After the publication of the long-playing record, which, by the way, is currently estimated at € 1,500, new changes in the composition followed, continuing until the Elonkorjuu's activities were curtailed in 1978. Shortly before this, the collective changed its name to Harvest and released the instrumental album "Flyin 'High, Runnin 'Fast "in the style of" funkjazz ". In 2003, the band Elonkorjuu revived, recorded the third studio album "Scumbag" (2004), prepared some other releases, including "Footprints" (2015), and performs until now, with only two musicians of the original Composition - Yukka and Veli-Pekka. Now the peasants perform prog rock, then jazz rock. Composition:

Finns Elonkorjuu (vintage) formed the guitarist and singer Jukka Syrenius in Pori in 1969. They quickly achieved success in their country (they won a rock band competition in Finland in 1970). In the seventies they recorded two albums. The most "successful", Harvest time (1972), has become one of the most expensive collectors' pieces among vinyl collectors. In 1978 they published their second album, Flying High, Running Fast or Harvest, with the intention this name to enter in the lists of sales of other countries. During these years his career focused on acting live in his country. In 1978 the band disbanded but in 2003 it was reunited and even published a new disc, Scumbag (2004). The new musical direction was oriented towards the blues rock, abandoning the progressive-jazz of its two first works. In addition to Syrenius, members of the group remain the originals with Veli-Pekka Pessi on bass, drummer Pertti Hannus and keyboardist Jussi Reunamäki (this new addition). At the moment they are still active, focusing on performances in their country, what they have given them for a recent live publication, Scumbag goes to theater (2010)
Other musicians who have gone through the group throughout its existence have been:............

Elonkorjuu was founded in the western Finnish city of Pori in the autumn of 1969. A year later the band was awarded with the second place in the 1970 Finnish Rock Championship contest and was signed by EMI. Elonkorjuu released their debut album Harvest Time in 1972. Today the original pressing is considered the most expensive Finnish vinyl album with a price up to € 1,500. It was re-released as a CD in 2002.[1] During the 1970s Elonkorjuu was often featured in the major Finnish music festivals such as Ruisrock and Pori Jazz.[2]

In 1978 the band released their second album Flying High, Running Fast under the name Harvest, which is an English translation of Elonkorjuu. The album was released by RCA Records and Elonkorjuu's goal was an international breakthrough, but the band finally split instead.[2] The guitarist Jukka Syrenius moved to Norway and released several albums with his new group Jukka Syrenius Band, also featuring some international musicians like the American drummer Clifford Jarvis, the South African bassist Johnny Dyani and the Norwegian keyboardist Haakon Graf.

Elonkorjuu was formed again in 2003 and the following year the band released their third studio album.[2] In December 2009 Elonkorjuu played a 40th anniversary concert in Pori Theatre. It was later released as a double live album. In 2012 EMI released a 4-CD boxed set including almost every track the band has ever recorded. The box also includes rare live material from the 1970s.[3] Today the guitarist Jukka Syrenius and bass player Veli-Pekka Pessi are the only original members of the band. The present line-up features the Hungarian-born drummer Zoltán Kárpáti, keyboardist Jussi Reunamäki and the saxophonist Jari Perkiömäki who holds a Doctor of Music degree in jazz music from the Sibelius Academy. ..............

A few years ago in Oulu, Elojazz & Blues, my bongaamani Eläkorjunta has got its new album released. Many of the songs on the album are familiar with that gig. "Scumbag" is a nice old-fashioned disc, but still not purposefully retro. The music combines seamlessly with both proge, fusion and blues. There is plenty of salt space for both guitar and keyboard. However, there are also bands, sudden translations and parts, or even compositions, and have not just begun to jam and see what's being created. The atmosphere is relaxed, but the rhythm is rigorous and each one gets the best of it. The shortest time is to be pulled by the band's drummer Jussi Reunamäki, whose Hammond's hive is very tasty, and he also draws handsome solos from his sins. But that's when it comes to the revision of Syrenius manna, ou jee! The album is mostly instrumental, the song is quite a bit, but the name of the song seems to be: "Come on! Now play!" 

If a little bit of comparison is made to the band's old records, Harvest Time (1972) and "Flyin 'High, Runnin' Fast (1978), so stylistically go somewhere in the middle. Energy and attitudes are closer to the first, but the merger has taken the top of the jersey, the edge and the rhythm is still much more than the ..............

    Line-up / Musicians 

Veli-Pekka Pessi: bass
Jukka Syrenius: guitar, vocal
Jussi Reunamäki: organ, piano
Pertti "Pakeri" Hannus: drums

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. I Told Ya So (7:10)
2. Journey (9:08)
3. Lonelyness for Sale (6:02)
4. X-Way (7:47)
5. Free at Last (7:32)
6. No Such Thing (7:39)
7. Pretorian Discotheque (7:14)
8. You and I (8:41)


Studio albums

Harvest Time (1972)
Flying High, Running Fast (1978)
Scumbag (2004)
Footprints (2015) 

Live album

Scumbag Goes to Theatre (2010, live) 

Seasons (2012, 4CD:n boxi)

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