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8 Aug 2017

Ginbae "Ginbae" 1976 Japan Private Heavy Rock Hard Rock

Ginbae  "Ginbae" 1976 Japan mega rare Private Heavy Rock Hard Rock...recommended..!

A great heavy hard rock masterpiece from 1976 out of Japan. Originally released as a private pressing on the Sea Side Label. If you dig heavy hard rock from japanese bands this is a must. 5 tracks on the lp and not a dull track. This lp ranks up there with the hard rock monsters. If your a heavy guitar buff this is for you. When I listened to it seems that the sound engineer put in applause as a sound effect between the tracks. This doesn't seem to be a live album since I never heard any band member introductions. Great band....ProgNotFrog...........

A very heavy album given the 1976 date. Basically a proto metal album with guitar riffs that wouldn't be out of place on a 70's era Judas Priest album. 5 long tracks with long amplified/phased guitar solos. Some typical Japanese balladry can be found in the vocal sections. Songs are dull, and are merely excuses to launch the next jam session. Worth a couple of 

ultra-rare 1976 Japanese private press hard rocker! A big monster that hardly anyone knows about because it's so rare and has never been reissued. ....

The group from the Japanese city of Yokohama (not to be confused with another Yokohama Ginbae collective) left a legacy in the form of an amazing 1976 album of the same name, which consisted of five songs. Inspired by Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy, the musicians created their curious style, directed towards the Duma, but with a strong fatal structure. Very interesting find for fans of the old Japanese hard rock: stylistically the musicians were close to such a grouping of their compatriots, as late Blues Creation, early Ranmadou and Dew. Especially the first three tracks are gloomy, hard-core hard rock with booming riffs and fast guitar solos, generally evocative of Black Sabbath, Budgie and, in some places, the Grand Funk Railroad. The last two tracks are slightly more relaxed, despite the fact that half of one of them is occupied by a thoughtful guitar instrument, somewhat dispelling the thickening atmosphere of the concert. The group is interesting, but, unfortunately, left nothing behind, except this record, published in a small print on a small label. 
Chirac's voice reminds both of Ian Gillan and Rob Helford, and in some moments it sounds like the eastern version of Glenn Hughes. And the technique of guitarist Shinjuske Nakamura can not surprise. This album is the only one of the band, but it is a real master class from the metal of the 1970s..

2.Rockn' Roll People....6:10 

1.Sazanga Rock part 1...「3X3=9」のダジャレです。う~む、英語で説明するのは難しい.....2:47 
2.Sazanga Rock part 2.....6:55 
3.Anne of Green Gables .....7:21 

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