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4 Aug 2017

Made In Brazil "Made In Brazil" 1974 Brazil Hard Rock debut album

Made In Brazil "Made In Brazil" 1974 Brazil Hard Rock debut album


Made in Brazil is one of the oldest rock bands in Brazil. Formed in 1967 in the district of Pompeia, in the city of São Paulo by the brothers Oswaldo Vecchione and Celso Vecchione. 

The first record "Made in Brazil" in 1974, a famous record known as the "Banana Record" (because it featured a banana design on the front cover), worshiped to this day as one of the best rock albums of the 1970s. A vigorous rock and vocals very well elaborated by Cornelius ("Cornélius Lucifer"). This disc also counts on the drummer Rolando CastelloJunior that soon soon would form the Space Patrol. 

In 1975 he released "Jack the Ripper", a record already with Percy Weiss on vocals and Ezequiel Neves in production, and many songs that have been successful for a long time, packing the soundtrack of many young people at the time like Jack the Ripper, To arrive, Batatinhas etc ... "My Life is Rock'n Roll", another album of the late 70's, already brings Oswaldo himself as lead singer as well as bass player, a role he holds to this day. Soon after they released a live album with the name of "Pirate". 

Made in Brazil has a particularity that put it in the Guinness Book of Records: it is the band in activity that had the largest number of formations in the world (there are more than 200). 

Today, with Oswaldo (vocals and bass), Celso (guitar), Tony Babalu (guitar) and Hommer (drums), they still set fire to the concert halls where they perform and release such albums as "Massacre" 2005 and highly anticipated by the fans. "Massacre" was originally recorded in 1977, but the whole album was censored at the time and only came to public in 2005

Arranged By [Strings & Horns] – Daniel Salinas 
Backing Vocals – Celso Khim Vecchione*, Ricardo Fenilli*, Osvaldo RoCk Vecchione* 
Bass Guitar – Tony Babalu 
Contrabass – Oswaldo Vecchione 
Effects – Ricardo Fenilli* 
Flute – Bolão E Seu Conjunto 
Guitar – Celso Khim Vecchione* 
Keyboards – Onisvaldo Scavazzinni* 
Lead Vocals – Cornelius Lucifer* 
Organ – Onisvaldo Scavazzinni* 
Percussion – Ricardo Fenilli*, Rolando Castello Jr. 
Piano – Onisvaldo Scavazzinni* 
Saxophone – Bolão E Seu Conjunto 
Strings – Celso Khim Vecchione*

01. Anjo Da Guarda 
02. A Mina 
03. Doce 
04. Aquarela Do Brasil 
05. Intupiu O Transito 
06. Você Já Foi Vacinado 
07. Tudo Bem Tudo Bom 
08. Vamos Todos à Festa 
09. Menina Pare De Gritar 
10. Uma Longa Caminhada

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