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10 Aug 2017

Mariah "Yen Tricks" 1980 Japan Prog Jazz Fusion

Mariah  "Yen Tricks" 1980 Japan Prog Jazz Fusion


Mariah is the kind of band that moves from sharp, dissonant modern classical to anthemic hard rock to laid-back fusion to a bunch of other styles like it's no big deal. Like, to the point where I'm reminded of early Mr. Bungle.

Speaking of Mariah, Carrie. It is common real music fans to answer so. But when I hear Mariah, it is the perfect music nerd that reminds me of Yasuaki Shimizu, Masanori Sasasuji, Hideo Yamaki. But I take the initiative to address this blog is possibly a daughter of a maniac? What? ... So, the 80's J-Fusion's name group, Mariah's representative album "YEN TRICKS" and "AUSCHWITZ DREAM (Auschwitz Dream)" are the next group of Cassiopeia, T-Square, Prism, Parachute, It was relapsed with jacket specification
However, the reissue this time is not the fusion bundle, but somehow Japanese progres series. Everything seems to have been a hot request, it seems that the record company decided how to answer it too. Therefore, it is a glimpse of the honesty opportunistic aspect, Mr. supervisor is in the direction towards Progress and Aria is unhappy to Mariah. Indeed, "Auschwitz Dream" written as commentary on the first commentary on the commentary is still present in our house If you know the musicality of Mariah still, you should be able to convince pro-active treatment as well. First of all, I would like to obediently rejoice that I had recurred.
Well, this Mariah. Forming Kikkake is the leader project of the up-and-coming saxophone player Yasuaki Shimizu. Eight members gathered, and in 1979 it was the first time that he made an album with Jupiter Tel. So Shimizu and Masanori Sasasuji (kyd), Takayuki Hijikata (g), Hideo Yamaki (ds), Murakawa Jimmy Satoshi (vo) spirited up and reorganized this project as a group. Watanabe Morio of Flying Mimi Band and Kobayashi Izumi who was enrolled in Shimizu and Hijikata participated in the base. By the way, Kobayashi, Hijikata, Watanabe and Yuichi Tokashiki of drums were assembling a band called ASOCA in the amateur era, and in 1976 they got a Grand Prix at Yamaha 's Contest "East West". Kobayashi, Watanabe and Tokashiki are also elected to the best players of each part. Hijikata was rivals Cassiopeia 's first guitarist award for Norio' s first life.In other words, under the theme, there was a flow of ASOCA ~ Flying Mimi Band ~ Mariah. And that was supporting the full start of Mariah's being. Originally a group of sessions and musicians who launched a decadent Eastern European image like a rock band is a big producer of that being.This work "YEN TRICKS" is the first of its newborn Mariah, announced in 80 years. At that time, TOTO and Air Play were in the limelight in western music, so Mariah also fully demonstrates the skill as such a skilled musician group. At the same time, he devised a direction that made full use of Jimmy Muragawa's cabinet, which consciously perceived the per-David Bowie or Johnny Rotten perception, and drew a clear line with just a session unit. And the work which both vectors blended most smoothly is this "YEN TRICKS". At the time, Yamaki who was enrolled in SHOGUN was treated as a guest, but soon as he thinks of participating in KAZUMI BAND (Kazumi Watanabe) and KEEP along with Shimizu and Sasasu, his true intention is also transmitted. There are also many musical similarities.Personal press push, Mr. Yumi Murata also took Mariah back as <Let It Blow>. Around this time, each member called "Mariah Project" to support each other 's solo album and related artists, and even there, even incorporating the methods of LA' s sound creators, Mariah · You can listen to sounds. Hijikata's solo album "SMASH THE GLASS" is cooler than Mariah.Supervisor wrote that Mariah has another live board, but the actual subsequent work is a total of 3 studio live shows. Steve Lucasa was participating in the 3rd 'MARGINAL LOVE' guest.......................

Art Direction – Keisuke Tsukimitsu
Bass – Morio Watanabe
Directed By – Hiroshi Sasaki
Drums – Hideo Yamaki
Engineer – Ichiro Yoshie, Rick Keefer
Guitar – Takayuki Hijikata
Horns – Mariah Super Horn Section
Illustration, Artwork [Collage] – David Singer (2)
Piano, Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Keyboards [Yamaha Sp80], Synthesizer [Mini Moog, Arp Odyssey, Oberheim Polyphonics], Arranged By, Producer – Masanori Sasaji
Producer – Daikoh Nagato
Saxophone, Arranged By, Producer – Yasuaki Shimizu
Strings – Ohno Strings Section*
Vocals – Eve, Satoshi Jimmy Murakawa*

A1 Yen Tricks 6:07
A2 Key Of Gold 5:33
A3 Distant Rainbow 5:05
A4 Black Mariah 4:31
B1 Let It Blow 5:34
B2 We Are The Same 5:10
B3 Burning P.M. 4:44
B4 Fate 3:09 

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