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13 Aug 2017

Master’s Lantern “I Am Who Am” 1982 US Private Xian Folk Rock

Master’s Lantern “I Am Who Am” 1982 US Private Xian Folk Rock
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Wisconsin group whose excellent custom record ranges from prog-edged rural rock to melodic folk-rock to acoustic ballads. Musical backing includes acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica, piano, synthesizer, bass, drums and flute. The lead singer has a gritty voice that strongly recalls Bob Dylan, while the music often evokes Dylan-esque moods as well, such as the tender melodic ballad ‘You Come Shinin’ Through’ or the brisk rockabilly folkrock of ‘I Keep Lookin’ Back’. The latter song’s Dylan inspiration is made obvious by the false blues-rock intro, abruptly ending as the group breaks out in laughter. ‘Matthew 7’ and ‘Amen Amen’ are the standouts, both solemn minor-key dramatic rural-rock pieces that build to climactic rocking peaks with dynamic electric guitar leads. Several touching ballads as well, including the acoustic ‘Garden Upon The Sill’, the somber cello-backed ‘Servant Of A Servant’ and the fragile guitar/piano ‘How Can I Help You’. All tracks written by rhythm guitarist and lead singer Dan Holstead. Attractive sepia cover photo of a lantern. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott)..........

This hidden group from Wisconsin on its only amateur record shows an excellent sound ranging from provincial rock with progressive edges and melodic folk rock to beautiful acoustic ballads. Music support includes mainly acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica, piano, synthesizer, bass, drums and flute. The soloist has a rough voice, which strongly resembles Bob Dylan, at the same time the music itself often causes the Dylan moods, such as a tender melodic ballad "You Come Shinin 'Through" or a cheerful rockabilly / folk rock number "I Keep Lookin' Back. "The last song, under Dylan's obvious inspiration, is performed with a false blues-rock introduction, which ends abruptly when laughter flares up among the band members." Matthew 7 "and" Amen Amen "are excellent students among all, like solemn minor and dramatic works Rural Rock, which approach in their culmination to a fatal peak with dynamic electro guitar conclusions. There are also some touching ballads, including the acoustic "Garden Upon The Sill", the gloomy-cello "Servant Of A Servant" and the fragile guitar + piano "How Can I Help You." All the tracks of the album were composed by a rhythm guitarist and a leader Vocalist Dan Holstead.The attractive photo on the cover of the village lantern completes the overall positive atmosphere from listening to this rare record...............

Master's Lantern - Prologue - Exodus (2:00)
Master's Lantern - You Come Shinin' Through (5:06)
Master's Lantern - Laugh Track (0:34)
Master's Lantern - I Keep Lookin' Back (3:46)
Master's Lantern - How Can I Help You (3:45)
Master's Lantern - Matthew 7 (5:57)
Master's Lantern - Garden Upon The Sill (4:57)
Master's Lantern - Butterflies (5:26)
Master's Lantern - Narrative (0:27)
Master's Lantern - Servant Of A Servant (3:55)
Master's Lantern - Amen, Amen (5:35)
Master's Lantern - Epilogue - Revelation 22 (1:28)

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