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11 Aug 2017

Middle Earth Band “The Thoughtful Bride” 1980 Finland Instrumental Prog Jazz Fusion

Middle Earth Band “The Thoughtful Bride” 1980 Finland ultra rare Instrumental Prog Jazz Fusion

Finnish instrumental progressive/jazz/fusion from 1980 featuring flute and tanpura. Superb!.........

Inspiring and beautiful amalgam of jazz-rock, progressive & indian music with nice transcendent musical moments...
This amalgam brings "World Music" & "Middle-Earth Songs" (perfect soundtrack for a Tolkien's adventure)...............

In the 1970s, Arto Koskinen, who studied music in India, founded Finland after returning to the band at the end of the decade with The Middle-Earth Band. The other members of the band became the real jazz of Finnish jazz Pekka Pöyry, Make Lievonen, Tommi Parko, Jukka Wasama and Raimo Lyly. The band recorded the only album The Thoughtful Bride in 1980, released by Arto Koskinen, Pedro Hietanen and M.A. Numminen. From time to time, the discerning album has, over time, become a valuable collector's worth. Now this album is released for the first time in cd format...............

“A well-titled set, given that the music here is definitely constructed with a thoughtful approach – one that almost reminds us of the best ECM work of the 70s, but with some traces of the group’s Finnish roots too! The lineup features piano and spinet from Arto Koskinen, tanpura from Raimo Lyly, soprano sax and flute from Pekka Poyry, guitar from Tommi Parko, bass from Make Lievonen, and drums and percussion from Jukka Wasama – and although the group is a sextet, they’ve got a sound that’s nice and lean at most points – never the full-on fusion that other Finnish groups were hitting at the end of the 70s! Production is pretty laid back, too – which gives the record a really organic quality – instrumentation that slides forth very naturally – seeking its own level in a host of different shades and tones. The set features one cool psych/funk number – “Work While It Is Day” – plus the tracks “Akbar”, “Cruisin”, “Faithful”, “Tears”, “Childhood”, and “Luthien”.”....dusty groove.........

Arto Koskinen – piano & spinet
Pekka Pöyry – sobranosaxofoni
Jukka Wasama – drums & percussion
Make Lievonen – bass
Tommi Parko – guitar
Raimo Lyly – tanpura

A1 Akbar
A2 Cruisin'
A3 Faithful
A4 Childhood
B1 Tears
B2 Work While It's Day
B3 Old Age
B4 Luthien

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..