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9 Aug 2017

Richard Schneider Jr. "Dreamlike Land" 1977 Germany Kraut Cosmic Synth Rock,Electronic Prog

Richard Schneider Jr. "Dreamlike Land"  1977 Germany  Kraut Cosmic Synth Rock,Electronic Prog


Classic and hard to find first album by Richard Schneider Jr. released 1977, record is full of fantastic tunes which are influenced by electronic, Samba, Krautrock... Highly recommended!!!! ..............

A truly exceptional album, the sound is unique and hard to define, can be best described as a blend of progressive music and breezy Latin tracks. Drums played by Jaki Liebezeit of CAN. .............

Masterpiece that will blow your mind for sure if not already familiar. All is good on here with High, Samba Trip, Samba Session all long time favorites. Man I wish summer was here again soon. Original Harvest pressing (not the reissue) with perfect minty vinyl grade and complete with original text inner sleeve. Cover looks overall nice but with two tiny cuts at bottom seam.

Reissue of sought after 1977 diverse Space Disco electronica with Krautrock all star personnel...........

Some Euro pysch-prog. Kind of sweet and creepy at the same time: Dreamlike Land has been ruling my breakfast on this fine morning. Features Jaki Leibezeit on drums. Richard Schneider's a suprise new discovery for me, compliments of my buddy Tim...................

Richard Schneider Jr.' s "Dreamlike Land" is my favourite LP for quite a while now.
Please excuse that I won't say anything about the style of this goody. Just imagine Jaki Liebezeit on Drums, a guy called Jumpy (Helmut Zerlett) on keys & synths, almighty Wolfgang Maus on Bass and an ironic Mr. Schneider on Glockenspiel, Acoustic 12 String guitar, Synthesizer, Tubelar Bells, Tambourine & Cowbells .............

German artist with a brief but interesting career in the Prog/Psych field.He was signed by Harvest and released his debut ''Dreamlike Land'' in 1977 with a good line-up of guest musicians.Most notably the drums are handled by the Can legend Jaki Liebezeit and an experienced Wolfgang Maus is responsible for the bass lines, while Richard Schneider Jr. plays all guitars and wind instruments, some synths and sings.

The album is more than decent, drawing influences from Psychedelic/Space Rock as well as Art Rock, light Fusion and Symphonic/Electronic Music, and the final result is an amalgam of atmospheric instrumental and vocal tracks with a very special mood.Bands such as PINK FLOYD, SENSATIONS' FIX and artists like MIKE OLDFIELD and DIDIER BONIN are the closest reference points.Idiosyncratic musicianship with OLDFIELD-ian acoustic and electric guitar touches (as well as some HACKETT-ish vibes) mixed with long and deep electronic/synth backgrounds, eventually creating some beautiful soundscapes.Most passages have a soaring spacey atmosphere, at moments these are interrupted by symphonic keyboard parts or Fusion synthesizers.Liebezeit's well-known metronomic style of drumming is still present, though a bit more relaxed.Easy-going but very moody music, that suffers only from just a couple of tracks that sound fairly commercial but uninspired.

German rarity in need for a CD reissue.Well-crafted Space Rock blended with a variety of influences, likely to please all fans of atmosheric Psych/Prog.Recommended. by........apps79 .........

Bass – W. Maus (tracks: A1 to B1, B3)
Vocals (tracks: A2, A3, B1, B4), Electric Guitar (tracks: A1, A2, A4), Twelve-String Guitar [E-12 String] (tracks: A1, A3, B3, B4), Acoustic Guitar (tracks: A4, B2), Glockenspiel (tracks: A1, A2, B3), Synthesizer (tracks: A1, A3 to B4 – Richard Schneider Jr.
Drums – Jacki Liebezeit (tracks: A1, A3, B1 to B3)
Electric Piano – Jumpy (2) (tracks: A1 to A3, B3, B4)

A1 High 6:10
A2 Illusion 3:49
A3 Samba-Trip 5:53
A4 Crazy World 4:47
B1 Hello Beach-Girls! 6:40
B2 Visions 5:29
B3 Samba-Session 3:49
B4 Silent Cry 8:22

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..





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